About Us

Eploy® recruitment software has been developed for the Internet right from the start, in both its delivery and the core features it offers.
During the late 90's ITS identified the benefits of delivering powerful and highly flexible online recruitment software having foreseen how the internet would revolutionise recruitment. Embracing new technology and ideas has enabled us to develop the cutting edge web based recruitment solution - eploy®.

Eploy has been built from the ground up as an online recruitment solution, utilising tools such as Microsoft Dot Net to provide an unprecedented level of flexibility and eliminating the need to translate our software from the old client server model. This is something that many of our competitors now have to do. Eploy® is specifically designed for access via a standard web browser so our client's don't have to install third party software to access their recruitment software via the Internet. This leads to a much more efficient, stable and accessible system with significantly reduced cost.

Our online recruitment software has always been provided as a service and is charged on a usage basis so we understand the importance of achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

We see ourselves more as your technology partner than the traditional role of recruitment software vendor and as such form closer working relationships with all of our clients.